Integration & Automation

Control systems have evolved to become a standard statement of the modern home and Sovereign Designs is at the leading edge of this technology. Strong design and properly implemented control systems make it easy to enjoy a home’s various features and manage its systems such as Lighting, Climate, Secuirty and Irrigation.  Automation systems should be easy, accessible, intuitive and effective, with direct, clear controls. Your choice of control system technology and the user interface together with a solid design are crucial for achieving the best results.

Media Rooms, Home Theater & Private Cinema

From cutting edge design to decor friendly solutions, whether your looking to achieve a seamless blend of interior design and technology or are aiming for the ultimate dedicated movie experience with your own private cinema, our design team will help you choose the perfect solution for your media room, home theater or private cinema.  Choose from among the industries best equipment including, custom seating, acoustic treatments & design, loudspeakers and audio + video solutions.

House-wide Audio & Video

High-definition is here to stay, with ever increasing requirements for bandwidth, todays video systems require proper design and a eye out for future requirements.  With 4K a reality for consumers your choice of distribution system is more important than ever.  The trend for higher resolution isn’t stopping with video, digital audio is making its resolution comeback from low resolution lossy MP3 files to lossless files such as FLAC and MLP allowing for high performance digital music systems to replace the standard analogue systems of the past.  A properly implemented distribution system makes it easy to enjoy music and movies throughout your home.